Seasonal herb walks in Margate, Thanet

Herbal and Foraging walks in and around Thanet, Kent.

Herbs walks are organised throughout the seasons (apart from winter).  

In the hustle and bustle of life lies an abundance of green space that is not only pleasant and therapeutic but also has a lot to offer medicinally.  A lot of the remedies that herbalist use are based on wild plants which grow abundantly in the forest, parks, meadows and marshes.  The herb walk is an opportunity to show others what is naturally growing in their natural habitat and how individuals can safely identify and use them to make remedies for the home and family and at the same time, connect with nature. 

Workshops and Events

plants identification


  • Custom-made training courses to suit a particular group, organisation or events
  • Standard course which runs periodically on different themes e.g. detox, overcoming cravings, food and mood, herbal medicine for parents
  • Herbal and foraging walks and workshops in London and Margate, Thanet.
  • Healthy Eating Cookery Sessions – One – to – one cookery classes or group cookery classes.  These are according to what is requested such as cooking for children, cooking in a hurry, and food energetics
  • Practical sessions on how to make natural cosmetics and medicinal remedies
  • First Aid using natural ingredients and herbs
  • Exploratory workshops on herbal medicine and nutrition – living medicine
  • Gardening and growing nutritious and medicinal plants
  • Pamper days/evenings

Making natural remedies

natural making product

We can make and provide a range of products both for cosmetic and medicinal use made with fresh, natural and organic ingredients for individuals on request.  These can also be great gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings and promotions.  In addition, we run regular workshop on making your own natural remedies. Check out the events section for further details.