Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

The Natural Nutrition Programme is a unique, insightful and highly effective nutritional therapy programme, enabling you to improve your health and well-being.

It works with the body’s own natural healing abilities gently and without suppression and recognises that the body is at all times doing its best to maintain health.

In order to achieve this goal and by working together, a programme is devised which includes a combination of guidance on nutrition individually tailored to your needs, naturopathic techniques and dietary supplements when required.

As a result of commencing on the Natural Nutrition programme you will become more aware about your own health picture and why it has arisen, and you’re personal needs.  This will lead you to take steps to improve and restore your health towards its peak level and hence an improved quality of life.

Illnesses and chronic conditions affect our ability to operate to our full potential on all levels. Build-up of toxicity and stagnation in the body will create imbalance e.g. allergies, lack of energy, mood swings, craving, infection, etc.  This occurs due to a variety of stress factors both internally and externally. Over a period of time, this will affect the way that we utilise nutrients and lead our lives, leading to deficiencies, and an inability to nourish ourselves in order to restore health.

Natural Nutrition is a holistic programme that treats you as an individual and your health concern as a whole in an empowering way.  The treatment is based on addressing the root cause, working from a cellular level.  A specific symptom or illness can reveal a great deal about other things that are going on in the body given that the body does not work in isolation.

By working to clear and counteract stagnation and toxic build-up, more energy, freedom and movement becomes available in the body so that healing can take place which leads to profound and marked improvements in your condition and vitality levels.

It takes into consideration the natural rhythms and cycles such as the seasons and draws from the ancient systems of healing.

Clients notice significant improvements in their health conditions and well-being when they have made the recommended changes in their diet. This often leads to positive impact in many other areas of their life.

It supports you and your body gently and does not involve any methods that produce suppression, stress or damage.

It is a very gentle but powerful programme