“It was fascinating to listen to my family history broken down in such a holistic way – the link between food and behaviour was especially an eye opener. It linked a dependency on alcohol, depression, bulimia and craving for sweet things in a way which, although I don’t understand the science, rings true through out my family. And because I am learning by doing, I have spent the last 4 months re-learning how to eat”. C.S

“More energy!! I’m enjoying life so much more. I don’t need so much sleep, I deal with stress better. I feel more positive. I don’t get caught up in negative emotion and regret. I came along with a fairly narrow idea of what could be accomplished. I found myself embarking on a major detox and change in lifestyle. It was also very useful to be able to talk in terms of moon cycles in relation to health”. B.L

“Before seeing you I would suffer regularly with diarrhoea and I would say I was not able to lead a normal life. Since following your nutritional advice my colon and bowel have stopped being upset and irritable. My nails are stronger, I feel less sluggish and my whole family will benefit in the long term”. L.H

“I was diagnosed with fibroids and had issues with heavy periods and other unpleasant symptoms. I found some advice on the internet which mentioned the importance of diet in alleviating these, but while it gave advice on what to cut out I soon felt I needed some help with what I could actually eat so I made an appointment to see Charm. She advised me on how to change my diet, nutritional supplements and other therapies.  In the time I have been following her recommendations, all my symptoms disappeared and I feel much better in myself.  I chose not to have surgery to remove my fibroids but as I no longer have any issues, I can live with them – they no longer bother me”. J.F

“The handouts and materials helped reinforce the contents of the session and are an essential part of the process. This is a very well put together bespoke service that has really helped me”. J.S

“Thank you for your session yesterday – I thought it was brilliant! You really connected with the women and I thought you let them ask for what they wanted whilst still providing a structure. It was wonderful!”Breast Cancer Care

“I gained confidence from the cookery session in being able to make these dishes myself and that they would be edible”. G.C

“I am more aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. Physically, I feel much better. I have also lost weight and feel focused. It has exceeded my expectations” K.R